Ark Rules

These rules are valid on our Ark server. We reserve the right to issue warnings, kicks, bans or ban players at any time beyond these rules, should the security of the server, Discord or players be endangered. The instructions of the team must be followed, violations may be punished. Furthermore, all rules listed here are a basic set of rules. The team reserves the right to decide on any situation at its own discretion for the good of the server and the server atmosphere. This means that not all of the team’s rules and procedures are necessarily covered here. Should the team take any action, the absence of a specific regulation within this catalog cannot be invoked (so called salvatory clause).

These rules may be changed at any time without notice. You are therefore responsible for keeping yourself updated on changes to the server rules at regular intervals.

General Rules
1. Using third party software or hardware to gain an unfair advantage will result in a ban. Ini’s + personalized crosshairs are not considered a violation!
2. Meshing, duping or any other bug abuse is an automatic permanent ban.
3. Base trades are not allowed! Giving away is also considered a trade for us! (Tps with turrets are therefore not allowed to be traded!)
4. Trade with items, dinos and services is in no way regulated by the server and is at your own risk.
5. Player and tribe names have to be the same on all maps.
6. Only English and German in Global Chat.
7. The penalties are awarded according to a fixed points system.
7.b Penalties may be changed retrospectively at the administrator’s discretion.
8. Insiding is forbidden!
9. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated here!
10. Names with @everyone or other designations that lead to full spamming of the tribelog are forbidden!
11. Bullying or any other kind of discrimination is not tolerated here and will be severely punished!
12. Presenting false facts to gain an advantage is prohibited
13. Racist behavior will not be tolerated
14. Spamming in chat is prohibited
15. Advertising hack clients leads to direct ban
16. any violation of the general netiquette will not be tolerated
17. Advertising for other servers is not tolerated
18. Dealing with real money will be penalized
19. Inappropriate names will be changed immediately by the system/admin
20. Posting NSFW or inappropriate links will result in penalty
21. accusations outside the ticket
22. No multiple allegations of misbehavior without evidence
23. Publishing private information and tickets/Dms will not be tolerated
24. Matters with the team are only discussed via the ticket system (Discord).
25. ban bypass will not be tolerated

Building Rules
1. Building structures in public places like lava golem, obelisk, spawn point etc. is forbidden and will be removed.
1.b Zipline, Pelagornis, Knockout, Relogg spots are also prohibited.
1.c Artifact Caves (even with Lootdrops) are not included in the above as they can also be obtained independently.
1.d Ragnarok: Wyvern’s Trench – No turrets may be placed there.
1.e Obelisks and Terminals, except those listed below, can now be built on:
TheIsland: Red
Aberration: Blue
Extinction: Coliseum Terminal
Genesis: all terminals
Genesis 2: Terminals at (55.5/76.7) (40.8/76.8) (56.5/24.4) (42.1/24.7)
Fjordur: all obelisks
Ragnarok: Blue
Valguero: Red
ScorchedEarth: Green
Crystal Isles: Blue
TheCenter: Blue
LostIsland: Red
2. Accidental meshing of individual foundations will not be penalized, but it is expected that this will be self-corrected, if necessary reported.
2.b Structures that are in the mesh and are either present in large numbers or are completely unreachable by normal means will continue to be removed by us as usual.
3. Stacking of dinos is forbidden (e.g. hatching of several dinos into each other; these dinos will be killed by us).
4. It is forbidden to build a box around a dino to prevent damage from all sides. At least 50% of the dino has to be open.
5. Placing excessive amounts of C4 to prevent enemy C4 from being placed is prohibited.
6. Deliberately placing mesh structures to prevent a raid or to prevent a tribe from defending a raid is not allowed and may result in a dev wipe.
7. It is FORBIDDEN to build structures within enemy turret range by using campfires or abusing the foundations! This is not tolerated because you don’t have to attack the target base at all. All other structures that can be placed within range of enemy turrets are also forbidden to block the turrets.
8. Entrances must be accessible by foot (crouching down) in both directions (i.e. grappling hooks, zip-line anchors, etc.)
9. Unintended structures (e.g. floating structures, using the world barrier as a snapping point) are prohibited!
10. The entrances to the Valguerozone may not be built on! (Exception: There is no other tribe in the Valguerozone)
11. Players who have their teleporter halfway into the mesh face the consequences of dying in the mesh.
12. Methods of building, breeding or anything else that can be construed as trying to cause the server to lag or dupe are prohibited and may result in a ban.
13. Stacking an excessive number of structures is prohibited!
14. Excessive snapping of structures is prohibited (due to extreme lags – high ping)

Raiding Rules
1. Meshbiting is forbidden and the tame used for it will be killed.
2. Prisoners may be held for up to 1 hour. This period cannot be extended by releasing the prisoner and being recaptured immediately.
2.b the attacking tribe may hold members of the opposing tribe for more than 1 hour during a raid, but must be released when the raid is over and more than 1 hour has passed (this applies to both sides)
3. Spam around an enemy base is not allowed unless it is part of a FOB.
4. Alliances are currently not allowed and usually you shouldn’t be able to invite someone to an alliance.
5. Popcorn is forbidden, which means that during a raid you realize that you have no chance and throw away your items so that the opponents don’t get any loot.
6. No one may be invited to the tribe during a raid!
6.a Trading is not allowed during a raid!
6.b Bosses can be done with two tribes.
7. If a basespot is attacked, no third party may actively raid it – excluded simple PvP (individual structures do not count as active raiding)
7.a should a third party intend to raid where it is already being raided, they have to first take over the active FOB and then raid the actual target. (think carefully if you have the time to raid there)
7.b It’s always everyone against everyone, if a tribes is raiding dont help the raiders or the defenders, it counts as teaming! But must be proved by the defending party! (Recordings)

7.c Exception pretend to raid – to prevent this tribe from being attacked – assessment of the situation is up to the team!
8. Proven teaming will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will have significant consequences for both tribes.
9. Exploiting the headglitch (e.g. with turrets) is prohibited
10. Since the Daedon’s food consumption while healing is 0, it is forbidden to use too many of these dinos during a raid.

The players always have the right to let another admin evaluate what happened, should this be the same opinion is not discussed but the penalty accepted! If no admin is available, can also not be invoked to let another admin look at the case!
We Admin reserve the right to react in the situation and also to define ourselves when something is justified for the good of the server!