General Rules

General Rules

0.a If there is a violation of our rules, the COMPLETE TRIBE will have to stand for it and also serve the punishment together, if it is not 100% obvious who is involved in the violation.
0.b It is not 100% proof if the players say that it is this player who did it.
0.c This rule does not apply to players who have observed an incident in their own tribe and report it.
0.d The whole tribe will be punished in any case of rule violations:
General Rules
– 1. software or hardware from third parties
– 2. bug abuse
– 3. traiding
– 6.a, 6.c & 6.d (Tribe names/roles in the tribe)
– 8. other (except 8.c, depending on rule circumvention)
Building Rules
– 1. spots
Raiding Rules
– 1.g tribe invite/merge

1.a The use of third party software or hardware to gain an unfair advantage is prohibited.
1.b personalized Crosshair is NOT considered a violation!

2.a Meshing
2.b Duping
2.c If you find bugs you are obliged to report them and not to use them for your own advantage. If you do it anyway, it is considered a violation.
2.d Duped items must be reported immediately and destroyed.
2.e Teleporting with „R“ while caged is forbidden.
2.f Intentionally causing/abusing server problems.

3.a Trading is only allowed after 30 minutes after a raid / fob.
3.b Base trades (*deal, give away) are only allowed with the agreement of the admins.
3.c Trading items, dinos and services is in no way regulated by the server and is done at your own risk.
3.d trading with real money will be punished.

4.a Insiding is forbidden!

5.a any violation of the general netiquette will not be tolerated.
5.b disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated here!
5.c racist behavior will not be tolerated
5.d tickets must be answered truthfully
5.e sending NSFW or inappropriate links will result in punishment
5.f complaints outside of the ticket
5.g multiple accusations of misconduct by other participants without evidence
5.h posting private information as well as tickets/dms will not be tolerated
5.i Matters with the team will be discussed only through the ticket system (Discord)
5.j Political statements have no place here.

6.a inappropriate names (also applies to Steam or Epic Games accounts).
6.b these are evaluated as in rule 5.behavior
6.c names that are intentionally bypassed but have the same meaning are also considered a violation
6.d Political names are not allowed here!

7.a advertising for hackclients
7.b any kind of advertising is strictly forbidden without the permission of an admin!

8.a Circumventing a ban by using a shared or another account is forbidden!
8.b Account sharing is prohibited!
8.c Circumvention of the rules is prohibited!

9.a the damaged tribe is obligated to first admonish the accused about the violation of the rules, and that he should stop it. This must also be clearly proven!
9.b If he does not stop, a ticket may be created with the violation, as well as proof of the situation (clips, screenshots).
9.c The collection of misbehavior of other players is not tolerated! You are obliged to report them directly and not to use them for your advantage (threatening the accused tribe).

Building Rules

1.a Forbidden spots
– World Border Spot (93.5 / 71.7)
Genesis II
– Main paths to space
– Magma Cave
– Bog Rathole
– Iceworm
– Wyvern Trench
Scorched Earth
– Wyvern Trench
The Island
– Tek Cave
– Puzzle Cave
– The entrance to the Valguero Aberration Zone may only be built on with the permission of an admin (as long as no other tribe is building there).
– Wyvern Trench
Obelisks & Terminals
– TheIsland: Red
– Abberation: Blue
– Extinction: Colosseum Terminal
– Genesis: all terminals
– Genesis 2: Terminals at (55.5 / 76.7) (40.8 / 76.8) (56.5 / 24.4) (42.1 / 24.7) (57.4 / 69.2) (42.4 / 37.1) and Rockwell Terminal
– Fjordur: Blue
– Ragnarok: Blue
– Valguero: Red
– ScorchedEarth: Green
– CrystalIsles: Blue
– TheCenter: Blue
– LostIsland: Red
– Zipline, Pelagornis, Knockout, Reloggspots.
– Spots under lava
– Underwater spots where no carbo fits through without having to use a cryo.
– Mission areas
– Spawn areas
– Meshbase

2.a Accidental meshing of individual foundations will not be penalized, yet it is expected that this will be self-remedied, reported if necessary.
2.b Structures that are in mesh and are either present in large numbers or completely unreachable by normal means will continue to be removed by us as usual.
2.c Intentionally placing mesh structures to prevent a raid or to prevent a tribe from defending a raid is not allowed.

3.a Stacking of dinos is forbidden (e.g. hatching several dinos into each other; these dinos will be killed by us).
3.b It is forbidden to build a box around a dino to prevent damage from all sides. At least 60% of the total area must be open.

4.a floating structures, using the world barrier as a breakpoint are forbidden! (Except: structures placed in the middle of a Hatchframe).
4.b Placement of excessive amounts of C4 to prevent enemy C4 from being placed is prohibited.
4.c Building structures within the enemy’s turret range by using campfires or abusing the foundations is PROHIBITED! This is not tolerated because you do not have to attack the target base at all. Any other structures that can be placed within the range of the enemy turrets are also forbidden to block the turrets.
4.d Entrances must be able to be crossed on foot (in a crouched position) in both directions (Tools may not be used to get through an entrance!).
4.e Methods of building, breaking or anything else that can be interpreted as trying to lag the server, as well as duping are forbidden and may result in a ban.
4.f The foundation limit is 1500, it is not to exceed this.
2 towers are not allowed to be in the same foundation limit.
4.g 4 Generator Ranges are allowed per Base and 1 per Tower (a Cliff with more than 40 Turetts is considered a Tower).
4.h Stacking of structures is forbidden, this also applies to Vaults!
Here applies max 5 structures at entrances and outside max 10 structures.
4.i Ocean platform in Caves are forbidden
4.j excessive spamming is not tolerated here. Guideline: 100 Foundations around Base and 100 Foundations around Towers.

Raiding Rules

1.a Teaming is forbidden
1.b If a base spot is attacked, no third party is allowed to actively raid – except simple PvP.
1.c If a third party plans to raid where there is already raiding, they must first take over the FOB and then raid the actual target. (so think carefully if you have the time to raid there).
1.d It is always all against all, if the tribes trying to raid obviously don’t attack each other, it counts as teaming! But must be proved by the defending party! (recordings)
1.e Exception fake raids – to prevent this Tribe from attacking – assessment of the situation is up to the team!
1.f hitting structures through mesh is forbidden
1.g Once the raid/fob is no longer active you must wait 30 minutes before adding new players to the tribe

2.a Proven Teaming will not be tolerated under any circumstances and will have significant consequences for both Tribes.

3.a You are not allowed to trade during a raid!
3.b It is only allowed to trade with other players after 30 minutes when no one is attacking anymore.

4.a Meshbiting is forbidden and the tame used for it will be killed. *
4.b Masssoaking is forbidden! #

5.a Stacking Turrets inside each other is prohibited.
5.b Turrets may not be covered with Vaults.
5.c Building a complete Base in front of another Base is forbidden.
5.d Tunneling / Blocking Turrets with Structures %.

6.a Popcorning is forbidden, this means that you throw away your items during a raid so that the opponents don’t get any loot.
6.b Destroying items / destroying your own tribal property while being raided is forbidden.

7.a caging players outside of a raid is forbidden.
7.b the attacking tribe is allowed to leave members of the opposing tribe captured for up to 3 hours during a raid, but must be released when the active raid is over and more than 30 minutes have passed (this applies to both sides)

8.a Exploiting the headglitch (e.g. with a refrigerator) is prohibited.
8.b The forcefield may be reset once every 5 minutes during a raid.

Extended Explanation:

The following types are considered insiding:
Destroying tribal property without permission of ALL members. Killing a tribemember without permission of ALL members. No tribal property may be destroyed if you are kicked out of the tribe but you are still in Base. Items may not be taken except for your own personal stuff where it is obvious that it is yours if you are kicked out, but you are not obligated to give you the items. The owners have to follow the rules as well as all other members! Everybody has one vote in case of an expulsion, in case of doubt the owner has 2 votes. There must be at least half for or against to enforce it!
If a new owner should be appointed, 60% of the members must be for it to be implemented. All players who are for it have to come to the support once to show that they are for it and can prove that they are the players in the tribe!

The following types are considered teaming:
You may not team up with other Tribes.
However, you may bossfight and trade with other tribes (max 1 other tribe).
This counts as teaming:
As soon as you attack a Tribe with at least one other Tribe, as well as defending a Tribe together with another Tribe.
Performing OSDs with at least one other Tribe is not allowed.
It is also forbidden to plan an attack with other tribes! You are also not allowed to be in two tribes at the same time (this also applies if you use account sharing or a second account).

What is the difference between tunneling and fortniting:
First Fortniting is allowed, Tunneling on the other hand is not!
A Fortnite is used to gain control over the structures, as well as to reach higher areas. The Fortnite must not be completely closed, because this way you can simply ignore the enemy turrets.
In fact, that’s exactly where the difference is. When tunneling, you try to build yourself so that the Turrets can’t see you, so you can just build yourself into bases. But this does not apply to rafts!

This is considered a meshbite:
Just trying to bite through walls, ceilings or mesh is not allowed!
Aggressive dinos automatically bite the mesh as soon as an enemy is nearby, so always keep an eye open that this can’t happen. Pay close attention that when you bite or strike with your dino, it does not bite/strike through the mesh.
Tek sword, as well as Tek gloves, must not destroy structures and do damage through walls.

Why does the entire tribe get a punishment?
This is because it takes too much time and in most cases it doesn’t change anything about what happened, rarely leads to a sufficient punishment and is also rarely characterized by the acceptance and satisfaction of all concerned and is accordingly received that way.
Which in turn results in more tickets, calls, etc., because people naturally want to protect their tribe and not accommodate us.

This counts as Masssoaking:
First, we would like to note that this rule is mostly resource-saving and not the disadvantage of the „damaged“ tribe!

This is only about ACTIVE MASSSOAKING! Only dinos that are actively soaking at the same time are counted.
All dinos that are mounted are not counted.
This rule always refers only to a Base Spot and it’s not map-wide.

We consider a reference value of 5 unmounted dinos to be appropriate.
However, this does not mean that you should open a ticket because of 6 unmounted dinos.

Specific rule:
Should there be the suspicion that you as a defender try to exploit the rule intentionally against the attackers and to report, for example by reactivating a tower, although it is no longer relevant, to include more dinos that then finally soak, we will use this against you and is also not a rule violation for the attackers, because you are partly responsible to keep the server clean!

In any case it is necessary to provide clear evidence to make a decision.

First of all, we would like to clarify that we are not obliged to give you a reason why you have been punished.
We reserve the right to issue warnings, kicks, bans or ban players at any time beyond these rules, should the security of the server, Discord or players be endangered. The instructions of the team must be followed, violations may be punished. Furthermore, all rules listed here are a basic set of rules. The team reserves the right to decide on any situation at its own discretion for the good of the server and the server atmosphere. This means that not all of the team’s rules and procedures are necessarily covered here. Should the team take any action, the absence of a specific regulation within this catalog cannot be invoked (so called salvatory clause).

These rules may be changed at any time without notice. You are therefore responsible for keeping yourself updated on changes to the server rules at regular intervals.

The players always have the right to let another admin evaluate what happened, should this be the same opinion is not discussed but the penalty accepted! If no admin is available, can also not be invoked to let another admin look at the case!
We Admin reserve the right to react in the situation and also to define ourselves when something is justified for the good of the server! In addition, penalties may be changed retroactively at the administrator’s discretion.