These rules are valid on our Discord server. We reserve the right to issue warnings, kicks, bans or ban players at any time beyond these rules, should the security of the server, Discord or players be endangered. The instructions of the team must be followed, violations may be punished. Furthermore, all rules listed here are a basic set of rules. The team reserves the right to decide on any situation at its own discretion for the good of the server and the server atmosphere. This means that not all of the team’s rules and procedures are necessarily covered here. Should the team take any action, the absence of a specific regulation within this catalog cannot be invoked (so called salvatory clause).

These rules may be changed at any time without notice. You are therefore responsible for keeping yourself updated on changes to the server rules at regular intervals.

General Rules
Following violations are forbidden!
1. racist behaviour
2. spamming in chat
3. send NSFW content
4. promote of hackclients
5. any violation of the general netiquette
6. promoting other servers
7. ban bypass
8. trading of real money
9. inappropriate names
10. send crashlink/videos and other stuff
11. accusations outside the ticket
12. multiple accusations of wrong behaviour without proof
24. puplication of any personal informations also tickets/dms
14. the provoked tagging / pinging / marking of users & user ranks
15. stick to the channel topics and keep conversations in the appropriate channels.
16. matters with the team are discussed by tickets
17. under no circumstances may the voice of other users be recorded without their consent.
18. staff members always have the right to ban, kick, mute, or record individuals without further explanation. Discussions with staff are not accepted, we have neither the time or the obligation to deal with them.
19. bullying or any other kind of discrimination / trigger words will not be tolerated here and will be severely punished!

The players always have the right to let another admin evaluate what happened, should this be the same opinion is not discussed but the penalty accepted! If no admin is available, can also not be invoked to let another admin look at the case!
We Admin reserve the right to react in the situation and also to define ourselves when something is justified for the good of the server!